Khamis, 9 Jun 2011

Cinta dan Nafsu 1:If you love me,Please...I Challenge You to complete this request.

Assalamualaikum readers!
hi!today,my topic is related to love.something that cannot be separated from human.
Hmm,My Dear,do you love me?If you love me  babe,if you love me..Can you do what i want?
Please let me know.

If you love me,please :

1.make sure you love the only One first then you can love me..2.make sure you do what the important One want,then you can love me..3.make sure me jealous when you always with the only One..4.make sure your heart for the only One..5.make sure you make the only One happy before make me happy..6.make sure you always hope something from the only One before hope something from me..7.make sure you are loyal to the only One than loyal to me..8.make sure you believe to the only One than you believe in me..9.make sure all of your life in the only One hand..10.make sure when the only One take my life,you always and still with the only One.

If you have complete all of this,you can love me.
Don't assume me as a half of your life because there's will be no point to you.There's no benefict to you when you assume me as the one who complete your life.make the only One happy first then you will make me happy.When you  close to the only One,then i will love you as you wish:)
Make sure those 10 things you do before you can love me.
Then,i will accept your love.
Make sure that!Please if you love me.
p/s:sorry,my english still bad,i try the best to write with correct grammar.

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